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DotNetNuke at the St. Louis Day of .NET

By Rich Campbell

The 2009 St. Louis Day of .NET featured six DotNetNuke sessions. From "DotNetNuke Jumpstart" to "Maintaining Design Integrity in a CMS with Smart Implementation Techniques" and "Packaging and Installing DotNetNuke Extensions", a good variety of DotNetNuke topics were represented.

Listed below you'll find information about each of the presentations, a link to more information about the presenters, and a link to download the presentation slide deck if available.

Jumpstart: DotNetNuke, Christopher Hammond

This session will provide you a basic introduction to DotNetNuke, what it offers, what it can do, and why it is so cool!

Installing DotNetNuke, S. Shawn Mehaffie

This presentation will cover the different options for installing DotNetNuke, including some of the advanced options. Attendees should have some basic knowledge of SQL Server and editing the web.config. At the end of the session if there is time we will go step by step and create a DNN development environment, using the information covered earlier.

Delivering the Goods: Packaging and Installing DotNetNuke Extensions, Ian Robinson

One of the most notable features to ship with DotNetNuke 5 is the extension installer. This session will cover the compelling new abilities available to developers. You’ll learn the types of extensions that you can create, the enhancements to module and skin packaging and installation, and you will get a close up look at the manifest file that powers all extensions and see how to take advantage of its new features.

DotNetNuke Module Development Best Practices, Mitchel Sellers

This session is a collection of Best Practices that have been developed by the speaker in his time working with DotNetNuke. This is a collection of examples, recommendations and demos that illustrate best practice patterns when working with the DotNetNuke framework, this includes adherence to DNN integration points and other topics of interest.

Hidden Content Management Gems in DotNetNuke, Scott Allender

This session will provide a quick overview of some of the overlooked items while managing a site within DotNetNuke.

Maintaining Design Integrity in a CMS with Smart Implementation Techniques, Patrick Renner

Handing off a website to content managers can often be scary for website developers. The users of content management systems are notorious for killing elegant designs. This presentation will review a number of techniques available in DotNetNuke to keep your website looking good while still distributing content management responsibilities. Topics for this presentation include: creating end-user style sheets, locking down the rich text editor, skin and container development techniques to prescribe design, and the importance of training your customers on the basics of web site management.

Migrating DotNetNuke Skins to Version 5.x, Cuong Dang

Since DotNetNuke version 5 was released, there are many changes in the skinning engine that users can take advantage of to make their web sites better. This session will cover the changes in skinning engine for DNN 5. A migration of a skin package from version 4 to 5 will also be demonstrated.

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