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Engage: Publish 5.4 Released

By Rich Campbell

So it’s been way too long, 6 months to be pretty exact, since we had a new release for Engage: Publish. Well last Thursday it finally came! We released Publish 5.4 on our website, though without announcement because of everything else we have had going on. Well here’s the announcement!

5.4 has a lot of changes, bug fixes, and new features, you can see the full list here. I’ll cover some of the major enhancements below.

Article Attachment, meaning you can attach a file to an article and it will now show up in the “enclosure” section of the RSS feed. This was implemented with Podcasting in mind (gee I wonder why I would want to add that –> www.dnnvoice.com). We’ll likely add more functionality to this feature in the future.

Author Name Text entry, you can now define the author name as a text field, rather than only choosing from a dropdown list of DNN users.

Comment Notification (to author) and auto Approval for comments from admins

DNN Token replacement functionality added to the Engage: Text/HTML module

New breadcrumb functionality

There is a lot more functionality included, and a whole list of bugs that have been squashed for this release. Check it out, and if you have any questions be sure to let me know.


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