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Engage: Tell A Friend Released

By Rich Campbell

Engage: Tell A Friend product bo

This blog post marks the release of a new module for DotNetNuke. It addresses a common feature request of many web sites - empowering users to email a friend a link to your site. It is free module which includes source code. There was a lot of effort put in to making the module very clean and simple.

For more information about the module, or to download the module, visit the Engage Software product page for Engage: Tell A Friend or the listing on Snowcovered.

While the pages listed above provide all of the necessary information - I'd like to share a few technical highlights/features with those of you reading this who are developers.

  • Complete source and install packages are available for DotNetNuke 4.x and 5.x (all versions of the package are installable).
  • The module can send email in fractions of a second using an asynchronous web service call.
  • The module uses the ever-popular jQuery and to provide a responsive user experience.
  • A light weight approach is used throughout the module (Install package weighs in at 42KB and the source package at 176KB).
    • Uses minimal, yet very effective, markup and CSS.
    • Uses minified JavaScript files (as embedded resources).
  • The module, which uses C#, is StyleCop compliant.

From the beginning I wanted this module to be a good example of a clean and efficient DotNetNuke module and I think we did a great job at "doing one thing and doing it well." Thanks to the guys at Engage who helped me to make this a great free module and to actually get it out the door!

If you're interested in the development details of the module stay tuned because I hope to share more details with you in the future - but in the meantime just go download the source package.

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