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DotNetNuke and Web Standards Wrox Blox Published

By Rich Campbell

One thing that many professionals have been embracing for years is developing web site using web standards. DotNetNuke recently released version 5.0 with many promises to bring the framework to a standard complaint state. I’ve seen a few forum threads that discuss the issues with version 5.0 not being compliant. With the busy schedule, I have yet had my hands on the latest release to test out myself, but I am sure it is much better than version 4.x.

Anyway, I was approached by Jim Minatel from Wrox prior to the conference in Vegas write about this specific topic. I turned the presentation into a more in-depth and detail Wrox Blox with great help from Jim and the team at Wrox. It was an enjoyable project working with Wrox team.

If you are new to web standards, I’d recommend giving this document a look so you can start doing things right using DotNetNuke framework. Here are some brief descriptions about the Wrox Blox:

"This Wrox Blox demonstrates a web standards approach to building DotNetNuke skins by defining a flexible XHTML/CSS layout. This Wrox Blox also shows the differences between HTML and XHTML and provides recommendations to the module development process using web standards techniques."
"...Many businesses are considering using the DotNetNuke framework for their next projects. The framework has great potential for worldwide adoption, from the small-business to the large-enterprise level. But when it comes to web standards, the framework is still lacking. DotNetNuke has already established its name as a robust system; it needs to be improved by using the latest technologies. This Wrox Blox encourages DotNetNuke developers to adopt the web standards approach."

This Wrox Blox is now available at Wrox web site or you can find it on Amazon.

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