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My OpenForce Las Vegas Experience

By Rich Campbell

It was my first time to attend the conference in Vegas this year and it was a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet with many core team members in person and talked about how DotNetNuke project has gained some momentum in recent years.

Seeing many new faces at the conference that have never worked with DotNetNuke before and looked into getting deployed for their corporate use made me happy that the project has great support from both the community and our customers.

The conference had variety of sessions to accommodate different level of DotNetNuke proficiency. I enjoyed sitting in the session that Tom Kraak (Seablick Consulting) to learn about SEO in DotNetNuke framework. Tom also did a great job with Ryan Morgan from Arrow Nuke Consulting to deliver the advanced skinning session.

We had many valuable feedback from the attendees to the Best Practices that Chris, Shaun, Joe and I did on the post-training day. I hope we all can see those recommendations made it into the future releases of DotNetNuke. I received e-mail from many people I’ve met after the conference and their feedback were it’s worth every penny to attend the event.

Anyway, it was a wonderful event and I’ve already looked forward to next year. Thanks to the folks at r2i to put together a fun party for the all. Will Morgenwick at Active Modules did a wonderful job at sponsoring the OpenForce Social Night to create an opportunity for everybody to meet each other. I met with Will Morgenweck and Chris Chodnicki in person, they're both friendly and great people.

It was great to meet Tracy Wittenkeller in person, author of the DotNetNuke Websites Problem Design Solution book. I've always admired his work.

I hope to see more of you next year.

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