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DotNetNuke Module Development Resources

By Rich Campbell

So for those of you who attended the Post Conference training last week after OpenForce you know we tried to squeeze too much information into the session and had to leave out some of the important items from the module development topics. This blog post will hopefully serve as a pointer to get you headed in the right direction for your module development!

The following information assumes you are using Visual Studio 2008, the Template file could possibly be configure to work with VS2005, but we recommend 2008 for development purposes. WAP development is not supported within the Visual Studio Express line of tools last I checked.

Earlier this fall we released a free C# module template, check out Brian’s post for information on the template. This is the file we recommend using for starting all of your Module development projects, it follows the web application project (WAP) model. Included within the template is a Nant script (.build file) for automating your builds/packages for DNN modules.

I made a blog post last year about our Nant scripts, you can read the post for more info. One thing to be aware of though, the blog post refers to the .85 release of Nant, we now recommend using the .86 release so you can use Visual Studio 2008. The steps for configuring the version are the same as mentioned in my blog post.

Those two blog posts should get you started for coming up with a DNN module quickly using Visual Studio 2008. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know, I will answer them as best I can.

Planning a DNN upgrade? Download our guide