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Engage: Publish 5.2 Released!

By Rich Campbell

It's been a few months coming but Engage: Publish 5.2 released last week while I was off in Kansas racing.

There are a lot of new features/enhancements and bug fixes in the release. You can read a forum thread where I discuss a lot of the new functionality and changes here. You can also check out the release notes in our Wiki.

Some of the major features/enhancements are.

  1. Ability to change/define the author for an article, selecting a different DNN user than the person making changes to the article
  2. Ability to sort by start/end dates, allowing for publishing in the future or past.
  3. AjaxControlToolkit 20229 is now packaged with the module
  4. Article Comment Notification
  5. Better XHTML validation for the Publish html code.
  6. MetaWeblog API Integration to allow publishing of articles from desktop applications such as Microsoft Word or Windows Live Writer
  7. Performance Improvements, an overhaul of caching in Publish has minimized database hits to repeat requests of content, drasticly improving performance within the module.

Check out the module and let me know what you think! 

All retail modules from Engage Software come with a year of free upgrades available from www.engagemodules.com. If you've purchased the module elsewhere be sure to send us an email to support@engagemodules.com and provide a copy of your receipt as well as your username on www.engagemodules.com so we can get your account setup with access.

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