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By Rich Campbell

Fortunately, we're all busy with client work at here at Engage and couldn't allocate enough resources for the commercial skin business. However, it is that time for us to set some goals and deadlines to introduce to the community with some design and creativity on DotNetNuke skinning.

For those of you who had seen it appeared on Engage Modules site last year and was removed, it's now time to revisit the "Skins" page and find out about our current and upcoming commercial (also free will be introduced in the near future) DotNetNuke skins.

Last week , we introduced our very first DotNetNuke commercial skin to public called Engage: ADAPTIVE.

Engage: ADAPTIVE is a XHTML/CSS skin package was designed to work in multiple business industries. Weather you're using for health care, education, consulting, financial institution... the design is adaptable. It's simple, clean, professional and aim to focus on presenting valuable content of your site to create a better user-experience online for your users.

We will continue to introduce more commercial and free skins while improving the pre-release versions to make them work better and stay current with the design trend.

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