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ComponentArt's New WYSIWYG Editor

By Rich Campbell

Because of DotNetNuke's provider model, one has the ability to create a provider for things such as a rich text editor (Text/HTML provider).

First, there was the FTB that came with DotNetNuke as the core HTML editor, now the FCK Editor is the default provider.

The CompenentArt editor (while not integrated with DNN yet) seems to have two strong offerings in comparison to what we get out of the box with DotNetNuke now. I refer to the "ajax experience" and generating xhtml compliant markup.

Now, for clarity's sake, your perspective definitely determines the importance of these features.  As was mentioned in this thread recently, one may not know or care about standards compliance or why its a good thing. Although less likely in my opinion, one may not immediately see the benefits of the Ajax user experience...

While offering a cooler experience for the user, I also believe that if you're generating standards compliant HTML and using asynchronous calls to the server side, you may just see a worthwhile increase in performance on your site.

So, with the relative immaturity of this text editor, but the seemingly great foundation and potential for future enhancements.......should I start implementing this as a provider or wait until it turns out what I want it to be? The reason I ask is a lot going on around here at Engage Software and we need to choose our battles wisely.

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