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DotNetNuke Training Options

By Rich Campbell

I recently returned from a trip to Chicago to offer a corporate customer a two day training session on Advanced DotNetNuke Topics. That has inspired me to increase some of our marketing materials here at Engage Software to include more of our training options. While we offer training on everything within DotNetNuke, we only list off a small fraction of those topics on our DotNetNuke Training page.

Here's a longer list of some of the training options we can offer for your business needs. (I'll be adding/editing to this list over the next few days)

  • Introduction to DotNetNuke
    • Developer
    • Site Administrator
    • System Administrator
    • User/Editor
  • Server Configuration
    • IIS
    • Database
  • Installation
  • DotNetNuke Administration
  • Database Best Practices
    • Security
    • Maintenance
  • Basic Skin Development
    • HTML
    • ASCX
    • Containers
  • Advanced Skin Development
    • CSS
    • Customized Controls
    • Flexible Skinning Solutions
    • Advanced Containers
  • Content Organization
  • Core Modules
  • 3rd Party Modules
  • Introduction to Module Development
  • Advanced Module Development
    • ISearchable
    • IPortable
    • IUpgradeable
    • Module Packaging
  • Advanced Admin Topics
    • Single Sign On
    • SSL
    • Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • More coming soon!
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