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The Out-Of-The-Box Simplicity of DNN Doesn't Mean You Can’t Break Out of the Box with Your Site.

By Dave Gambino

VisitYellowstoneCountry.com was suffering under the weight of an older design, broken data feeds, and technological limitations that were preventing the site from living up to user expectations. Ad agency Flying Horse Communication, a long-time friend of Engage's, partnered with us to create an entirely new site that would make the most of the DotNetNuke platform. For the project, we were tasked with:

  • Making a skin to hold and manipulate large and dynamic images, 
  • Building taxonomy that could tie together events, locations, and businesses based on sets of categories and tags, 
  • Introducing a Wish List concept that allowed users to create accounts that tracked the things they were interested in coming back to on their next visits to the site,
  • Taking advantage of Google mapping and geo-location and creating custom KML overlays to enhance the standard mapping, and 
  • Creating a filter to help users narrow down searches by regions, activities, cities and dates.

We did all of these things and more, and we applaud Flying Horse on their beautiful design. It was a welcome challenge to translate it to DNN. Clearly both the design and the functionality were well received. The site is the 2012 DotNetNuke Non-Profit Site of the Year. Congratulations to all those involved!

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