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Engage: F3, search your DotNetNuke Text/HTML modules

By Rich Campbell

I've had too many clients come to me and ask how they can search through all of their Text/HTML modules on a portal to look for links that point to their development URL rather than their production URL. Instead of telling them they had to manually look at every page to find all instances of these invalid links I created a new module, available from www.engagemodules.com

Engage: F3 allows you to quickly and easily search through all Text/HTML modules installed on a site, generate a report of links found, and directly links to the edit control for each of those modules to allow you to correct the invalid links.

Above and beyond the use case where you are searching for a URL, you can use Engage: F3 to search for any string within any Text/HTML module on your site.

Future enhancements will include the ability to search through content of other modules, such as our Engage: Publish module, as well as the ability to search and replace all instances of a string without having to manually edit each entry.

Best of all Engage: F3 is free! You can get it now from www.engagemodules.com, you can also download the C# Source Code for the module.

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