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A new version of DotNetNuke for the Holidays

By Rich Campbell

Just in time for Christmas a new version of DotNetNuke has been released. On it's 4 year anniversary of the first release, DotNetNuke released version 4.4.

"On December 24th, 2002, the code which was to become the DotNetNuke web application framework was first released to the community.  On the fourth anniversary of this date, DotNetNuke version 4.4.0 - a release with significant performance enhancements - has now been made available for download"

If you've never used DotNetNuke before, do yourself a favor and try it out, there are no licensing fees to download it, use it, or even modify it. It's open source, free, and a great way to easily start building a website via an intuitive web based UI.

Version 4.4 marks the first ASP.NET 2.0 only release, prior to this release DNN was maintaining two sets of code, one for .Net 1.1 and one for .Net 2.0. 4.4 marks significant improvements in performance over previous versions as this version was heavily tested and tweaked in a full scale performance lab.

Here's an edited list of changes from the change log available at http://support.dotnetnuke.com/project/ChangeLog.aspx?PROJID=2

Component Issue Type Summary
Admin / Host Functions Bug Page Head tags are not properly processed
Admin / Host Functions Bug Action Menu with Module Specific Permissions is not displayed
Admin / Host Functions Bug Cannot use icon from module directory in action buttons
Admin / Host Functions Bug ModuleTitle in multi definition modules
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement Improve Delete Portal Functionality
Admin / Host Functions Enhancement Convert Site Wizard to use .NET Framework classes
Admin / Host Functions New Feature Add Page Quotas
Admin / Host Functions New Feature Add User Quota
Admin / Host Functions New Feature Improve Portal Management
Admin / Host Functions New Feature Add a new Delete Expired Portals action
Localization / ML Bug Pop-up calendar localized date format bug
Localization / ML Bug Popup calendar
Localization / ML Bug Localized images break when using the "ShowMissingKeys" app setting.
Localization / ML Bug Collation issue with Event Log
Localization / ML New Feature Force a specific language for first visitors
Performance Bug Performance: ClientAPICaps.config caching
Performance Bug Performance: XmlSerializer
Performance Bug Performance : TabCache
Performance Bug Performance ; Menu providers
Performance Bug Performance: XPathDocument vs XmlDocument
Performance Bug Performance: Reduce Database Calls
Performance Bug Performance: CBO and Reflection
Performance Enhancement Improve Startup performance
Performance Enhancement Implement HTTP compression
Security Bug Exception when deleting role groups

Originally posted to http://weblogs.asp.net/christoc/

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