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Twenty Thirteen

By Dave Gambino


There is an urban legend about a Harvard (or sometimes Yale) study that showed 3% of grads outperformed the remaining 97% combined by simply writing down their goals. The study is a myth, but even if the value only lies in the simple exercise of thinking about what you want from the year ahead, that's enough for us. I polled the team about the work they'd like to be doing in the year ahead. Below are a handful of their thoughts.

What about you, dear reader? What are your goals and hopes for 2013? Please share in the comments. We'd love to hear from you.

"I hope we'll be doing a complex custom development effort in 2013. Personally, I'd like to be doing some really heavy lifting, some challenging work like the mapping we did for Little Caesars or the taxonomy back-end for Yellowstone." - Chris Marfia

"I'd love to be building a native app for a client by year's end. Ideally one that is game-centric."- Matt Zykan

"I want to be playing with cutting edge technology and doing custom development. I want to make something someone hasn't already built." - Josh Bradley

"I want exciting, challenging work that involves clean and intuitive design and development  that's cool enough to share. I want to be bragging about the work I did in '13 to anyone who will listen - and I want them to understand what I'm talking about." - Anthony Overkamp

"For me? I would like even more clients that do good for others. Non-for profits, Environmental,  Health Care. I respect the work they do, and I'd definitely get a personal reward working for them." - Brian Fagnani

"Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. As long as the requirements and direction from the client are clear and free of assumptions. Any projects with cutting edge technology will be a plus!" - Abadi Kurniawan

"We built the backend for a complicated federal program that's a piece of logistical artistry, but it's a dry, governmental front end that we (sadly) didn't get to sink our teeth into. I want something like that backend, but connected to a killer brand and public facing mobile site. Also, we won some industry recognition in 2012. In 2013, I want it to shower accolades." - Jason Stone


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