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DotNetNuke's Big Move into Enterprise 2.0

By Dave Gambino
Companies pay substantial license fees to use Enterprise 2.0 software, building their own communities on platforms like Jive, Yammer, Telligent and Mango Apps, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that DotNetNuke, the leading ASP.NET CMS has made a foray into social business software -- a $1 billion arena.

And this is no small move. This isn't a marketing ploy, but the introduction of a major set of new features that beef the CMS up into a powerful enterprise community tool.

There is a palpable excitement in the DNN Community that this is a big jump in the right direction. But hearing approval from the fan boys is far less interesting than learning what customers find most compelling among the new functionality that has just been introduced as "DNN Social," be it gamification, Q&A, idea voting, community health analytics, -- OR if it's the annual server-based licensing (as opposed to the common "per user") -- OR the CMS/data integration that keeps everything under one umbrella. Perhaps it won't be any single, individual piece, but the overall system that will generate the appeal among CMOs and CTOs alike. To be fair, there is a lot to love there.

The product just officially launched on March 19, so these are early days. A number of companies have already jumped on the band wagon in advance of the launch, and as I mentioned above the overall reaction in the Community is very positive. We at Engage were lucky to have been among the first partners to see the new system several months ago, and we've been holding our own excitement about the potential of DNN Social in check. Now that the secret is out, expect to hear more from us.
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