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DNN's New Hosted Platform: Evoq in the Cloud

By Dave Gambino

Windows Azure Logo

When we talk about DNN's core strengths, we frequently point to its extensibility, flexibility, and scalabity. Now that DNN has introduced an Azure-hosted solution in Evoq in the Cloud we can add redundancy and reliability to our list of reasons to love the platform.

Evoq in the Cloud is powered by Windows Azure. It’s is a fully managed service offering -- 24x7.

This newest Evoq offering (following Evoq Content and Evoq Social) offers a wealth of features and benefits:

  • With nothing to install, your site can be up and running “in an instant.”
  • It’s a single place to manage your site, backups, hosting environment, staging, and support.
  • Simple installation and updates ensure your site is on the latest version of DNN Evoq software.
  • You can connect to your site through FTP or RDP or use Webdeploy to manage content.


  • $2.3B+ in cloud infrastructure
  • 2,000+ people in cloud infrastructure engineering and operations
  • Redundant power, climate control, fire prevention and suppression
  • State-of-the-art security and access control

Platform Availability and Security

  • 99.9% uptime
  • Clear boundaries and multiple lines of defense
  • Highly available platform services
  • Service isolation over virtualized computer and network
  • 200+ services, delivered 24x7


  • 24 CDN locations globally
  • 8 major data center regions
  • Compliance
  • Local and geo-replication
  • Redundant platform services and failover

Compliance and Disaster Recovery

  • Physical facilities have broad compliance certifications
  • ISO 27001, EU DPD, and SSAE 16
  • FISMA in progress
  • Service-level compliance on near-term roadmap
  • Preparedness, testing, refinement

As with all DNN Evoq licensing, as a DNN Gold Partner Engage is a de-facto reseller. All Evoq licenses purchased through Engage are offered at the same pricing as directly via DNN, plus access to all that Engage has to offer as a global-tier development partner. Please contact dnnexperts@engagesoftware.com for pricing.






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