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The Client

Senior Planners Industry Network (SPIN)

SPIN super heroes

The Senior Planners Industry Network (SPIN) is the world's largest association of senior-level meeting professionals with 10-plus years of industry experience. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota—with branches in Arizona, California, Texas and Washington D.C.—SPIN connects more than 2,700 meeting and event planners and suppliers across the United States and Canada. The Network fosters collaboration between members and supports their personal success and professional growth through a variety of educational and career opportunities.


Aches and Pains

Offering on-demand learning seminars and in-person events, SPIN wanted an online presence that would encourage more frequent engagement from its planner and supplier members. However, SPIN was using an Association Management System (AMS) with an integrated content management system (CMS) that was cumbersome and difficult to navigate for both users and administrators alike. The CMS posed many limitations when it came to managing and adding new website content and also restricted how content could be organized and displayed. This resulted in a website without visual appeal or user-friendly functionality—and therefore was rarely visited by members. On the backend, managing memberships, events and sponsorships was a complicated and time-consuming task. Individual branches could not access the data required to operate autonomously, instead having to contact headquarters’ staff each time they needed branch-specific membership information. And in order to run any member or event reports, SPIN administrators had to learn lengthy workarounds just to retrieve what they needed from the database. “With our original system, I was literally pulling my hair out trying to figure it out—and I'm fairly tech savvy. Even with the workarounds, we’d still have to click through 19 times just to run a single report. We wanted a system that would allow us to directly access any information, and a website that would make it easier for members to collaborate with one another and take full advantage of our resources.” said Tracey Smith, executive director of SPIN.


  • CMS with limited capabilities resulted in a difficult-to-navigate website rarely used by members
  • Complicated AMS made backend database management time-consuming


We Deliver

After researching multiple AMS’s and their capabilities, SPIN chose Engage AMS, an all-in-one solution with an integrated CMS. Engage AMS offers the core features SPIN needs to streamline administrative processes and drive engagement in just one platform, including membership management for varying levels, content editing, secure online payments and customer relationship management (CRM) for potential sponsors. SPIN began working with Engage’s professional services team in November 2018 to migrate the Network’s existing data to the new system and build the new member website. Engage also provided personalized training and support throughout the implementation process.


  • Engage AMS, a fully integrated AMS and CMS platform
  • A user-friendly, mobile-responsive website
  • In-depth training and support



Improvements Since Launch

Since launching in April 2019, SPIN has seen a great increase in online member engagement. With improved functionality and navigation, the mobile-friendly website now allows members to view all resources in one place, organized by category. They can then register and pay for online learning seminars, in-person events and the annual SPINCON conference without ever having to leave the site. Users can also easily renew memberships, learn about SPIN’s sponsors, access a fully sortable membership directory and redeem credits earned through volunteer efforts. For administrators, website content is now easier to manage and update so they can keep members interested and involved with the most up-to-date information. The easy-to-use administrative dashboard and robust reporting features have drastically cut the time involved with administrative tasks. And now able to search the directory for members in their geographical area, individual branches can operate independently when planning communication efforts and events, without relying on SPIN headquarters. Moving forward, SPIN plans to work with Engage to further expand its website offerings, including adding a job bank and member newsletter. “Engage’s project management and support teams are very talented and have been really great to work with. The training they provided helped us get over the learning curve involved with any new system, and we were also able to quickly track project progress without having to make a phone call or send an email,” said Smith. “Our members are really enjoying the new website’s ease-of-use, and we can already see that more people are on the site than we've ever had before. Overall, it’s now so much easier for members to interact with us, and that engagement will be a huge part of building out our network of professionals. We were looking for a solution that could carry SPIN into the future, and Engage AMS is the system to do that.”


  • Increased member engagement with easier event registrations, payments and renewals
  • Streamlined website and database management for administrative staff


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