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SQL05 DMVs and Silverlight

By Rich Campbell

This last weekend I headed down to TTF with the crew...Although I did sit in on a few sessions that were less than stellar....I enjoyed the trip very much.

My favorite session didn't start out that way...I walked into the first session on the SQL Server track as it sounded interesting, but didn't really know what it was I was getting in to...and at first I contemplated moving to another session...

But...after a few minutes I realized that I would much rather be in a session that is more over my head than one that I am well versed in! From my perspective the room seemed to be chock full of very experienced DBAs and they were having some very low level conversations about SQL server DMVs.

Turns out I learned a good amount of useful information from this one session, and I'm going to be presenting on the topic myself to our company next month as a part of the internal knowledge sharing that we do.

Now as far as Silverlight is concerned, I'm very impressed with version 1.1 (target managed code!!!) and am excited enough to jump in and see how best we can take advantage of Silverlight at Engage.

And, because we have a wonderful designer on staff at Engage (even though he's a business and marketing guy at heart) I'm very excited about the designer-developer workflow between Expression Blend and Visual Studio.

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