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Dynamics CRM Expertise Found Here

By Henry Kenuam on 6/4/2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has evolved into a powerful, flexible solution for proactively managing relationships, engaging customers and enabling enterprise collaboration. Enter Engage’s new CRM Services Group.

At Engage we investigated the MS CRM tools when they were first released several years ago. At the time, they were very integrated with Outlook on the desktop and limited in customization capabilities. These tools have since come a long way and we've found them to be a natural fit for customers and our expertise.

For the past three years, Engage has been partnered with Protech, a company based in Columbia, MD who leads the charge in the Association Management Solutions software space. Their software is built atop Microsoft Dynamics CRM with custom extensions that run inside our favorite platform, DNN EvoqTM. We have implemented  Protech’s AMS for several customers and have several more on the way. Having seen what Protech has done with Dynamics CRM, we've been thoroughly impressed with CRM as a platform. Integrating CRM tools with the best CMS platform truly gives customers the perfect solution.

In addition to our work with Protech, we've also spent the past year working on Dynamics CRM projects for a customer in the Ag space. We've developed CRM Plugins, Workflows and customizations -- all using the same familiar development environment,  Visual Studio.

With 15 years as a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are certainly a Microsoft "shop." For the past 10+ years, we've focused on DNN projects and are global-tier experts at all things DNN and Evoq. Today we are happy to announce that Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization and development is a new service offering from Engage.

Give us a call today to find out how we can help. We look forward to solving your business challenges using MS Dynamics CRM.

Henry Kenuam

Henry Kenuam is a co-founder of Engage Software and Chief Technology Officer and has worked in IT since 1995. Previously, Henry has managed multi-million dollar software development projects for Maritz. One of the largest, a custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for Toyota/Lexus (1-800-GOTOYOTA), Henry served as System Architect and Project Manager. Today, his focus is more customer facing; account and project management. Henry's first love is coding using Object Oriented patterns and best practices, but also finds great joy in working with clients directly to help them grow and understand solutions. Seeing a project from an idea to its logical conclusion is very important to him, and finds that managing a project can be very rewarding. Henry is a father first and foremost, but also can be found with his hands in CNC equipment programming, CAD/CAM software, prototype development of just about anything. He loves to fish and is a hot rod enthusiast.